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What is 925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, which is often referred to as 925 sterling silver, is a blend of metals utilized in making jewelry and ornamental items for the home. It consists of 92.5% silver (Ag) and 7.5% copper (Cu). On rare occasions, other metals might make up the remaining 7.5%, however, the 925 hallmark ensures that it has a 92.5% silver content.

Is 925 sterling silver good quality?


To put it briefly, the answer is affirmative. Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver, as suggested by its name, with the remaining 7.5% primarily consisting of copper and other minor components. Compared to pure silver, 925 sterling silver is superior as pure silver is softer, making it difficult for jewelry makers to mold it into desired shapes.

Is 925 sterling silver cheap?


Sterling silver aficionados are aware that their items can maintain their appearance for many years. However, 925 sterling silver is not a budget-friendly option. Jewelry of this quality and worth is worth the additional expense.

Does 925 sterling silver tarnish?


Jewelry made of 925 sterling silver contains 92.5% silver, reducing its likelihood to tarnish or taking longer to tarnish compared to jewelry with a higher proportion of alloy metal and lower silver content. The rate at which sterling silver tarnishes is also influenced by proper maintenance and care. For tips on how to care for your Sterling Silver jewelry read more at our guide How To Clean Jewelry.
You would also want to make sure to keep it in a proper jewelry box!

Is 925 sterling silver real jewelry?


You might question: is sterling silver actually silver? The answer is definitely yes. Sterling silver is simply a blend of silver which is much more appropriate for use in jewelry and other metal work. Fine silver, on the other hand, is 99.9% pure silver.

Will 925 sterling silver turn green?


The composition of 925 Sterling Silver sometimes causes a green discoloration due to the presence of copper. This green discoloration is harmless and there are straightforward steps that can be taken to avoid it. Proper preparation and maintenance are key to avoiding discoloration.

Can I wear 925 sterling silver everyday?


Real sterling silver is an excellent metal for daily wear due to its numerous advantages. Sterling silver is beautiful, versatile, affordable, and incredibly durable. By taking good care of your jewelry and avoiding contact with specific chemicals, your jewelry can be worn continuously with no problem.

Can I wear 925 sterling silver in the shower?


Wearing sterling silver jewelry while showering may not necessarily cause damage to the metal. However, silver being a natural metal, it reacts with certain substances. The water can cause the silver to oxidize and therefore, it is prone to tarnishing, causing it to darken. To avoid this and the risk of losing your jewelry, it is advisable to remove your sterling silver jewelry before showering.

What to avoid with 925 sterling silver jewelry


Hard water with high mineral content Water with high mineral content, commonly found in the South and East of England, can affect the appearance of silver. If you are aware that the water in your area is considered "hard water," it is advisable to remove your jewelry before showering.

Chemicals in soaps, shower gels, and shampoos Another aspect to consider is the chemicals in your soaps, shower gels, shampoos, and other cleaning products. Sterling silver is a delicate metal and any shower products with strong perfumes or fragrances may be too harsh for your jewelry.

Risk of dropping jewelry in the shower It is also wise to take off delicate sterling silver jewelry before showering to avoid the risk of dropping it. A simple pair of studs or a small ring could easily slip down the drain and be lost forever.

Therefore, for the protection of your jewelry, it is recommended to remove your sterling silver jewelry and store it securely before showering.

How long does sterling silver last?


Quality sterling silver jewelry can endure for an extended period if maintained correctly. Despite the fact that it may darken gradually over time, consistent cleaning and shining will help maintain its appearance. Simple, routine cleaning using a gentle cloth and gentle soap will preserve the luster of your sterling silver.

How to style 925 sterling silver?


Here are some quick and simple tips to style 925 sterling silver jewelry:

1. Pick your necklace based on your neckline

2. Consider the occassion

3. Make sure your earrings match!

4. Simple is better

5. Mix your metals! (live a little)

6. Try some different trends out

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