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Jewelry Care

Gold Filled

When purchasing jewellery a more economical option than solid gold but still smart choice is a gold filled piece; it has the same desirable qualities you look for in solid gold at a fraction of the price.

Gold filled is a solid layer of solid gold (we use 18K and 14K gold) mechanically bonded to a base - jeweller’s brass. US standards require the gold layer to consist of 1/20th (or 5%) of the jewelry’s total weight. 

Gold filled jewelry has almost 100x more gold than gold plated jewelry. Since the gold is mechanically bonded to the base rather than plated, therefore it can’t rub off. Gold filled jewelry is also great for people who are allergic to metals, as the material will not cause an allergic reaction.

US gold filled jewelry is our material of choice; we use gold filled because it is higher quality than gold vermeil and gold plated, but still not as expensive as solid gold.

  • waterproof
  • tarnish resistant 
  • hypoallergenic 
  • affordable
  • everyday wear