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How to Clean Jewelry

How to Clean Your Jewelry

Cleaning jewelry made simple to eliminate tarnish and restore shine to your gems.


Has your jewelry lost its shine lately? Don't worry we have you covered with these simple but effective tips to help clean your diamond, gold, silver and other forms of jewelry right at home. There are many reasons for jewelry to lose it's sparkle, which includes many factors close to home. Dust, dirt, lotions, soaps, sweat, moisture, and even air can make your jewelry tarnish and require a good polish.


The easiest way to prevent jewelry tarnishing is to take good care of them. Store your jewelry to decrease moisture build up and exposure. We have a post on Where To Buy A Jewelry Box. Even when doing daily activities such as vaccuming, washing the dishes, or cleaning the household, taking off your jewelry before will make a tremendous difference. Jewelry should be stored in a clean and dry space. Having a jewelry box that is fabric-lined with seperate compartments for your jewelry is essential for any jewelry lover. Not only will this prevent tarnish, this will also prevent scratches and tangling.


Be mindful of your lotion, hairspray, perfume and cleaning supplies. The chemicals inside these products can cause tarnish and discoloration to certain typers of metals and gemstones. Put your jewelry on after you have finished getting ready and are ready to leave the household.


Those hot summer days who doesn't love to go for a nice refreshing swim? Your jewelry sure doesn't. Chlorine, debris, and other harsh chemicals can cause damage to your lovely jewelry pieces over time depending on the quality of the precious metal. When in doubt just take it off, save your jewelry for those special occassions.'


Another common cause is sleeping with your jewelry on. Yes we all need our precious beauty sleep, but we move around during that time subconsciously and this could cause damage to your amazing pieces unknowingly. Your bed frame, night stand, or even your body weight can crush or scratch your jewelry while you are sleeping.

Gold-Filled Jewelry

The first and most simple way to clean your gold filled jewelry pieces is to use a saimple cloth to get rid of any residue or dirt. A soft cloth will not cause any scratches. You can use most polishing cloths.

Gold Jewelry is different than sterling silver as you should NOT use any sort of toothpaste, baking soda, or powdered cleaner. These chemicals are harsh and can scratch your precious metals.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

The first and most simple way to clean your sterling silver pieces is to once again use a saimple cloth to get rid of any residue or dirt.

Sterling Silver Jewelery can be cleaned using a small solution of baking soda, or gentle soap and warm water. Any dirt or tarnish will be quickly removed.


You can easily create a concotion using a bowl, covered in aluminimum foil, mix in some warm water with baking soda, and detergent. Place your sterling silver pieces inside and wait 10-15 minutes and voila! Your pieces should be as good as new.


Pearl, Moonstone, and Opal Jewelry

These precious metals are different as they require delicate cleaning in comparison to other more common types of metals.

Use a toothbrush with mild deteregent to maintain these metals precious finish. Or you can use a cloth as well to wipe it down on a semi frequent basis.