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About us

The Beginning

Gemlet was founded in 2017, based in Toronto. Growing up I always had a passion for jewelry. I would look at extremely expensive jewelry that was beautiful but never be able to buy it. I decided to start selling affordable hand made gemstone jewelry at various popups in Ontario and Quebec. Interacting with happy customers and being able to provide them with cute jewelry made me very fulfilled. 

My vision for Gemlet is to provide high quality affordable cute gemstone jewelry to everyone. I want everyone to be able to feel beautiful inside and out without having to empty their bank accounts.

I am so excited you found us and am extremely grateful that you are interested in our products and offerings. 

I attended the University of Waterloo and graduated in 2019, I worked full time for a year before deciding to make the leap on Gemlet! It truly amazes me how many supportive people out there are of small businesses in Canada. The power of unity continues to inspire me everyday to provide the best products and services to everyone who comes into contact with Gemlet.

- Michelle Hung

Present Day

Gemlet continues to grow every day but the core values that this business was found upon remains. Positivity, empowerment, community, unity and kindness. Every single person on this earth has their own unique journey they embark on. We respect that and try to provide products that will aid you in that endeavor. Why not look fabulous while conquering the world in 2021. The world isn't perfect but there's so much beauty in all things that exist, and all we can really do is try our best and be kind to one another.