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Best Types of Gold Chains

Cleopatra was famous for her gold necklace which caused quite the stir back when she was the ruler of Egypt. There are a variety of gold chains that you can wear and style to enhance your look. These chains differ based on their design and texture. There are usually 3 types of chains which are categorized into:

Classic chains: Figaro, Mariner, Belcher/Rolo, Cable, Paperclip

Texture Chains: Popcorn, Byzantine, Rope, Ball and Spia, Wheat

Modern Chains: Omega, Mariner, Box , Singapore and Razor

Classic Chains

Figaro Chain


The Figaro chain has its roots in Italy. A distinct chain link style where hooks are placed alternately with different sizes. Typically there is a longer oval shaped link with 2 to 3 smaller pieces that are lined up. Figaro chains are timeless and have existed for centuries. They are also very unique in design and are very easily distinguishable due to their alternating pattern. The Figaro chain is unisex although historically worn by men, women have now started to add it into their outfits and style.

Mariner Chain


The Mariner chain was named after those at sea, a chain that was strongly linked with oval links which had a bar down the middle. Also known as the anchor chain because it resembles the anchor ships of the great ships like the Titanic, this chain is aesthetically unique and flat in nature.

Belcher / Rolo Chain

A Belcher or Rolo chain are a type of cable chain. They are a variation whcih sees the outside linnke feature a more rounded shape while the inside links are more flat


A sleek and sophisticated gold rolo chain, featuring round links that have been expertly crafted to form a smooth and uninterrupted design. Ideal for adding a touch of luxury to any outfit.

Cable Chain


The Cable chain are a timless, classic, elegant type of gold chain. Featuring oval or round uniform links throughout, this chain is versaitle for any outfit. The Cable chain was commonly worn by men with pocket watches back in the 1900's. With many variations we have our half flat cable chain as seen below. Flat links on one side and rounded links on the other for a unique and eye-catching design.